Printing Your Programs

  • STEP 1: Click the PRINT Button

  • STEP 2: Choose Single or Double Sided Printing based on your printer type.

  • STEP 3: Your Project will be downloaded to your computer as a .pdf document.

  • STEP 4: Open the .pdf document and Click the print button.

Common Printing Errors

In this image the document printed incorrectly.

The alignment is off center leaving uneven margins around the program. 

This happens when using an economy printer that doesn’t have the option for marginless printing.

If your document prints like this on your home printer then you should do the following:

1. Download / Save your finished bulletin to your Computer or Drive (such as a thumb drive).

2. Use a different printer. High-end and Business printers are a good choice. Try the UPS Store, Kinkos or a professional print house. 

In this image the document printed correctly. The alignment is perfect.

This is how your Program/Bulletin should look.

If your having difficulty with getting your document to look like this we recommend that you  download it to a Computer or Drive and use a High end or Business printer.

For Best Quality, use the UPS Store, Kinkos or a professional print house.