Land of the Free – Event Program


The Land of the Free Event Program. Patriotic and stylish, this design offers a novel take on the time-honored lyrics of the National Anthem.

Bold white text stands out against the muted backdrop, varying sizes for visual interest, and reads: “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.” A winding road curves against gently rolling hills and a saturated color scheme highlights the landscape and sky.

Hearts are directed back to Scripture with Psalm 22:4: In you our fathers trusted; they trusted, and you delivered them. (NKJV)

Background image is continued onto the back cover, where a simple semi-transparent box offers an attractive and practical spot for note-taking. Use the eye-catching design area at the bottom to incorporate an uplifting verse or quotation. Inside, a two-page spread offer welcome message, contact info, calendar of events, and more.

Striking and modern, this design is perfect for any patriotic event.

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