Individualize Your Ceremony With DIY Wedding Programs

2 red roses wedding program template.

Using a wedding program has become very popular with couples, as it is a way of helping the guests follow along with the ceremony and explain some of the different traditions that have been incorporated into the service. Creating DIY wedding programs makes your wedding more personalized as well by giving your guests something to take home with them as a keepsake. If your wanting to create your own wedding program I recommend you look at They offer a free online wedding program creator and various free wedding programs.

There are several different ways to create do it yourself wedding programs but be sure to include the basics, which naturally include the full names of both the bride and the groom, the date of your wedding day as well as the city, state and location of the wedding. The program should also include the order of events and what music you have selected; if the lyrics have a special meaning for the couple, then the reason should be included as well. Some people also choose to include the composer’s information as well as who is performing the songs or instrumentals. If you are going to include any kind of readings you will want to explain what the readings will be about and who will be orating.

When deciding other things to include in the DIY wedding program you may want to explain any particular rituals or ethic customs to be included in both secular and religious ceremonies. If it is applicable you may want to include a short thank you note to both sets of parents and perhaps even a general thank you to all of the guests. You should also include the names of those in the wedding party and a brief biography about them, as well as their relationship to the couple.

Another way of personalizing your programs is to also include one for the wedding reception; you can choose to combine the two or you can make a separate one that will be given at the start of the reception. The reason for this is to give your guests an idea of the order and time of certain important events, such as the cutting of the wedding cake, the toasts or the first dance of the married couple.

Since your DIY wedding programs can be made in a variety of ways, they can come in many different sizes or shapes and you can choose to present them in a number of creative ways as well. Consider filling antique trays, unusual baskets or anything that matches the rest of your wedding decor with the programs and have them placed at the entrance to the ceremony. If it is to be outside, you can place a program on each seat and use a wedding favor to keep them in place or even have them handed out to people as they arrive.

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