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People often ask what inspired us to create Bulletin Zoom? The most precise and honest answer I can offer is… GOD. For, I believe that it is His Spirit that drives our inventiveness.

Over the years I have had 100’s of ideas that I have not acted on. I would later witness someone else bringing “our” ideas to market. In the beginning this bothered me but then I realized that I didn’t own these ideas – God did.

Every past and future creation has already been conceived by God in which He shares with those who are willing to act on them. In other words, He is the inventor and we are the assemblers. When we don’t take action, He passes His encouragement and guidance on to the next person that will.

Of course not all things created by men have been used for His Glory but this doesn’t disaffirm the idea that we have inherited, from our Father, the divine ability to create.

I often tell my kids, “Don’t compete, create!” Creating is more in line with our godly nature. When we exercise this gift we find fulfillment. BulletinZoom is simply the result of that revelation.

Just recently, my father in-law dished out more than $800 for only 80 obituaries at his mother’s funeral.

Don’t get me wrong, they were beautiful and his mother was worth every penny but she didn’t receive a dime of that money. I watched as he grudgingly passed out the $10 obituaries to friends and family. I said to myself, “For that price he should have charged admission!”

It angers me to see companies deliberately taking advantage of us especially during times of happiness and sorrow. This is the reason why I created bulletinzoom. For people like Us.

I pray that you will benefit from all of my hard work. I have literally spent thousands of dollars and hours developing these programs for you and I know that you will be blessed by them. Moreover, I pray that you too will use your birthright to create something that will bless others because when we bless others, we are blessing God.

Damian M. McCall

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